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About Us


Vakkas aims to decrease the financial burden of treatment for clinical cancer and other catastrophic illnesses for the non-insured and underinsured patients with financial needs.



Vakkas is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit public charity with an online platform that aims to connect the following individuals/groups/entities to accomplish its mission:

--Patients with financial needs who suffer from cancer or other catastrophic illnesses and who receive or who have just received clinical treatment at a 501(c)(3) hospital in the United States

--Contributors who are individuals or institutions, who donate to VAKKAS in honor of patients or other illness-specific criteria towards the payment of actual unpaid hospital bills

--Hospitals that become contributors if they propose to sponsor the clinical treatment of a patient, including through their clinical trial programs or psycho-social therapy free of charge.

--Pharmaceutical companies that can donate medication coupons or propose to sponsor the clinical treatment of patients, including through their clinical trial programs


VAKKAS’ Difference:

Being a non-profit, our relevance will be measured by the number of eligible patients we will be fortunate to serve.


VAKKAS is different from the

(i)         traditional non-profit cancer charity foundations (public and private) and

(ii)        profit-led and web-based platforms for gathering financial donations.


It is different from the traditional charity foundations because contributors can donate in honor of eligible patients or towards specific illness-related criteria (such as a specific diagnosis) and see exactly how their tax-deductible donations are used.


VAKKAS is also different from the online fundraising sites where there are deductions off of the donations made, where all kinds of hardships (not restricted to health) are listed, and where the requested sums of donations are not justified according to specific criteria.


Last but not least, gifts, donations sent to VAKKAS are channeled to Hospital Accounts of patients. This means that you know exactly how your donations are used: for the payment of treatment bills in hospitals.  


VAKKAS’ future additional content and features:

VAKKAS’ medium- to long-term vision is to include additional features such as Data Analytics, Research, and new Content:


VAKKAS’ vision is also to offer a large database for CANCER DIAGNOSIS AND DEMOGRAPHICS DATABASE and CLINICAL TRIALS ACCESSIBILITY features which could in time be used by all parties involved in healthcare for research purposes.


VAKKAS aspires particularly to give visibility to RARE CANCER TYPES that may not have well organized associational support, and thus present more challenges for patients to find financial assistance for (esophagus versus breast cancer, for instance)


VAKKAS also inspires to open the system to the needy international patients with cancer or other catastrophic illnesses who receive treatment at United States Hospitals and who have financial difficulties paying for their treatment. Since these patients often cannot provide standard documentation to prove their financial eligibility and thus are not financially cleared by their hospitals, VAKKAS will work to research and construct a preliminary system whereby the financial legitimacy of such patients can be verified.